To the Beat of His Own Drum

This week has been slow on the bike. Only about 2 hours! The weather guesser is calling for a winter mix tonight then turning to rain. You got to love it. Guest, I will hit the gym at work on Thursday.

This might not be news for some but if you have not to surf over to the Rivendell website you might not have seen the 2010 Rivendell catalog. In the day of carbon fiber bikes and FS bikes and other bike bling, it is cool to see these lugged steel bikes. It is also cool to see that for all these years Grant Peterson marches to the beat of his own drum.

Since I am sharing what Grant Peterson is doing today I will show you what I am doing with his bikes from the past. I have started to do some clean-up work on my Bridgestone MB-1.
I know not much, but this is a picture of all the bottom bracket parts. This is the first time I have ever worked to this type of BB. I think it cleaned up rather nice and I only had to replace 9 of the ball bearings. So the BB has been clean and checked and will be used in the rebuild.

I also made the call that I will not be using the Shimano 600 Headset. The 600 series headset takes a .obscure headset tool that the oldest bike shop in town does not have and they have been around since 1917. So the replacement is a new 1" Ritchey headset that I got off a guy from the local forum for $15. Tonight I started cleaning up the crankset and that should take a couple more nights. It looks like the middle ring will have to be replaced. It is a 38T ring I just need to figure out how many mm's it is. Should run about $22-$27 to replace.

I should be posting pictures in the next few days. I also so found today a Raleigh, I think it was a Sport women's bike for $15. It is not in the best of shape but could be made into a good bike. I am kicking around the idea.


Dan O said…
You're doing better then me. I don't even have 2 hours of riding in for the last two weeks. I always slack off around Christmas. Planned to hit the woods today for a bit with my son, 42 degrees and rain - not in the mood.

That MB-1 sounds like a cool project. Looking forward to the pictures.

I checked out the Rivendell catalog as well. I always get a kick out of their stuff and Grant's catalogs. I miss the paper versions - along with the Rivendell Reader. Online versions are cool also though.

Happy New Year to you and the family in 2010.

Keep riding....

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