A Day Out , The aftermath of the Night Snowshoeing

Looks like my days with the snowshoes are over until I can get them replaced I hope under warranty. My friend "G" AKA Richard gave me a call to see if I was going hiking or snowshoeing. I told him what had happen with the snowshoe last night and that I would be up for a hike. I told him that we would hike down the fire roads to Camp 7. Camp 7 was the Civilian Conservation Corps camp for African-American men. All that remains of the camp is a brick wall at the western edge of the pond. From the house it's and out-and-back 4.8 miles. Just enough to get the heart pumping. The fire roads that we where going to take link-up and make the Bright Hope Trail. I am sure there is a story about the name of the trail but I don't know that one. G takes a photo break with Fidget. The dog loves the snow and it has been a long time since I have taken him on a long hike. The only thing about the snow is he does not know where to take a bathroom break. It's something about the snow! The turn around point On the other in of the pond is where the remains of the brick wall is located. A local Boy Scout Troop was working on making this a primitive camp for non-profit groups. I think that work has fell to the wayside. This was a good two hour hike and we had a great time. Richard and I started working on the trails back in 1996 and this is apart of the park that he has never see. Glad I could show it to him.


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