Bicycle Tool Kit || 1st Generation

Not too long after my S24O backpacking trip, I found an article on the equipment Eric of Epic Designs Revelate Designs uses on his bikepacking trips. I found this to be one of the best equipment lists that I have found on this subject. I think what made it good was how things were grouped together and packaged.

I had most of the same equipment and for the most part, all the stuff can be used for bikepacking and backpacking. This is my effort to take the concept of having a kit rather than just having repair items. This is the tool kit that I take on every ride. It works for both road and mountain biking. It will fit in a saddle bag but I like putting it in my jersey pocket.

The Ultimate Direction bag holds all the items other than the co2 inflator.


1. Cool Tool multi-tool
2. Park Tool Tire Lever
3. Spare CO2 Cartridge
4. Tire patch box with the following: (2) Park Tool super patch, (1) Valve stem adapter, (1) Chain pin,(2) Sram quick links (1) Spare Chainlink

The only thing I would think about changing is the Cool Tool. They make lighter and better multi-tools. The patch box takes up some room but keeps all the small parts in one place.


Dan O said…
Hey - I have one of those old school Cool Tools as well. I never carry it though - feels like a chunk of lead. Like you, I'll eventually find as newer. lighter model.

After 25+ years of riding, I've yet to mess with a CO2 cartridge - still using a pump. Now that I've been dabbling in the XC racing scene once again, notice most have CO2 cartridges. I'll try 'em out.

I also need get to son Ian set up as well. Next year he'll be racing Boys 11-14 class, with no assistance from me. This winter I'll show him the flat fix.

Always interesting to see what other folks carry. Cool post.
Brian Wright- said…
I have a Crank Brother's pump that I have had about a year and have not used. Maybe its the arm workout that I do not like! In a race CO2 is the way to go. When you are racing the pump is the last thing you want. But CO2 can mess up on you and you can lose all your air.Carry a couple!

In the bikepacking world most only carry a pump. The weight of the CO2 is to much and then you have to carry it out with you.

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