Bicycle Tool Kit || 1st Generation Extended Ride

This is the second tool kit that I put together and would be used with Tool Kit #1. This kit is set up for a long day in the saddle or an Epic adventure.

On the inside of the bag, I have two plastic bags. You can purchase these 4X4 plastic bags from an art & craft store. The bag on the left has a red shop rag and a 3ml dropper bottle of chain oil.

The bag on the right has the following:

1. Patch Kit with 6 round patches, 4 small patches, 3 large patches & 2 tubes of glue
2. 1 set of brake pads
3. 1 Power link
4. 1 chain pin
5. 4 spoke nipples
6. 1 set of cleat bolts
7. 1 GB-2 Super Patch Kit
8. 4 cable ends (2)brake (2) shift
9. 2 tubes
10. 1 valve stem adapter
11. 1 TB-2 Tire Boot
12. 1 Tire Lever

What could be added? Spare derailleur hanger, poly grease for your fork, and a toothbrush w/cut handle


Metro said…
Toothbrush with a cut handle? You don’t like the after taste of Cliff blocks or you are planning on shanking someone on the trail side? Either way, I may have to ride behind you next time.

Happy Holidays dude,

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