Who needs T.V. ?

I am off on Friday's and I stay at home with my 5 year old. Daddy and me day!This past Friday we are eating lunch at the kitchen table and out from the side of the window comes our lunch time entertainment.

That's right seven white tail deer in the back yard! Glad to see that they are enjoying the new grass that I planted 14 days ago. At $80 a bag that's some good eating!

They are beautiful but they can cause a lot of damage to your landscape. But I guest I have impacted their world by building a house here. So I guest we will just have to learn to live with each other. Who needs T.V. when you have this in your backyard!

After lunch we where heading out of the house so mom could get some work done. So I took the little one out for some geocaching. This was her first time and it turned out to be fun for the both of us. We found two out of three caches and found an illegal tree stand in the park. That is the second one that I have found in the last 4 to 6 months.

The fall colors are that their peak. This is Gill Fire Road and is named after my wife's family. So that was our Friday. Who needs T.V. when you have all of this in your backyard. Glad to get out for that unstructured kids play.


Dan O said…
Nice yard - looks like woods border it. Must be pretty rural to have deer wonder through.

We do the Geocache stuff as well. My son is into it - as is my wife. I don't mind tagging along, another excuse to be outside.
Brian Wright- said…
Believe it or not this is suburban. The street that I am on backs up to the state park. The woods behind the house is the neighbors back yard. Our yards are part of a old Lush Farm.

Pocahontas State Park is the largest state park in Virginia at 7950 acres and has two lakes. Swift Creek Lake 150 acres and Beaver Lake at 24 acres.

The fire roads in the park are named after families that made an impact on the county, such as owned most of it or where the founding families. So the Lush have a road named after them and so does my wife's family.

So a 4 1/2 mile drive puts us with 3 shopping centers with Starbucks, and Mickey D's
Dan O said…
That sounds like a great set up. Woods nearby and civilization as well. 7950 acre state park is huge, plus rideable from your house - awesome.

We're in a Seattle suburb, but have about 600 or so acres of woods down the street. Mixture of state and county parks. Lots of singletrack winds through it all, with about 98% of it open to bikes. A great neighborhood set up that we use a lot.

Your pictures remind me of New Jersey woods - where I grew up. I spent a lot of time in the east coast woods on dirt motorcycles, then mountain bikes later. I had an insane amount of riding areas right from the house (Mount Arlington, NJ) - all linked together by railroad track roads, power line roads and assorted links of green belt. When I think back on it - an amazing set up. Most people wouldn't believe that exist in NJ. Some of it is now gone, but chunks of it still exist.

I used to ride a lot near Allumuchy - tons of woods and now home to the only 24 hour race in NJ. I have friends who race it ever year.
Dan O said…
Oh yeah - not much woods close to Seattle (I'm lucky to live near it) - but drive for an hour or two - and world class exist.

Lots of places to go, with actual mountain climbs and resulting downhill action. Plenty of technical singletrack as well.

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