Waning Gibbous-AKA Night Ride

Richmond-MORE Night Rides @ Pocahontas State Park. This was the second scheduled night ride at the park and the first one that I have made it out to. There was a good turnout of around 16 riders. For three riders this was their first night ride. The ride leaders made two groups, one fast and one slow and it was no drop.

Here is a special note, the weather. It was hot! In my mind night, riding and cool or cold temps and brown leaves go together. But not this night!

I rode over from the house as it was getting dark. I went out with the fast group and about 45 mins into the ride my battery runs out. I went to hook the second battery up and.... you know what is going to happen. The second battery has no charge. Man, it's dark! I had to wait for two other riders to come by and I had to ride between them. Kevin P. was one of those riders and we go back 10 years. I have not ridden with him in years, but I was glad he was there to get me out of the woods.

I did not want to cut his or the other guy's ride short so I rode the entire loop with them. We made it back to the parking lot and then I was off to ride back home. The only light that I have now is my red blinking light. I took the fire road back and I was afraid that I was going to hit a deer.

Lesson learned you bet! The batteries have been on the charger for a day-and-a-half. I am also going to buy a back-up Princeton Tec light.


Mission said…
Hey, I recognize that Accord.
Dan O said…
Group off-road bike rides are a blast. Been a long time since I've done one.

Sounds like a fun group.

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