Race Across the Sky

Last night my son & I went and saw the exclusive one night showing of Race Across the Sky. It was a documentary covering the 2009 Leadville Trail 100 bike race, one of the most intense endurance races of all time. Go to here to see the trailer and you can find everything you want to know about Leadville here Leadville 100

I find watching mountain bike races not as fun to watch as road racing, but this was different. This documentary had an imax movie feel to it. I think the word that comes to my mind is epic. This is an epic race in which the course is set in the beautiful mountains around Leadville.

Yes the movie set set around Lance, David, Travis and some other well know pro riders but it was also about the regular racer and their story. One thing you get from the film is that the pro's think it cool lining up with the regular joe. Lance said that this was the race that made him come back to cycling and that wining was not number one. He did win the race and broke a new course record.

I hope that if you miss going to this movie that it comes out on DVD for you.

I am going to put this out here. I don't care if you like Lance or not or care if he wins another tour. But I do think that him coming out of retirement will do one thing. I think cycling will become a much bigger main stream sport in the United States because of him. I think in the next two years we will see some of the big series cycling event both road and mountain. Think Coors classic of the dirt and maybe Tour DuPont for the road. Let see if I am wrong on this.

"Your better than you think you are and you can do more than you think you can".-Ken Chlouber-Leadville 100 founder


Dan O said…
Nice write up. I find it very cool we both attended with our sons - 3000 miles apart. The cycling world rocks - as does the Internet to keep like minded types sharing their experiences.

I'd agree Lance will get more cycling on the map here in the U.S. Coming out of retirement seems to put a "second chance" mentality to getting him involved with cycling here in the U.S. Anything with his name on it is going to get attention. Nothing wrong with that.

I was a Lance fan before he retired, but was also looking forward to the Tour without him to shake things up. Once he left, it was not the same - and I was glad to see him return. The Tour this summer should be really interesting.

Since he came back, I'm more of fan - since he seems more relaxed and open to other events. He seems to be connecting more with his fans then before. I got huge kick out of his reported Tweets about rides - then hundreds of people show up to ride with him. That's amazing stuff. If he did that in the Seattle are, count me in.

Even though the last few years I've become more of (wanna be) roadie, I'm really a mountain biker at heart. So seeing Lance push that sport, especially XC racing, gets the thumbs up from me.

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