Second group ride of the weekend at Powhite Park. I will get back to Powhite, but here's the deal. I have been planning for months to do a self-supported trip of the Great Allegheny Passage and the C& O Canal. That's about 334 miles from McKeesport, PA to Georgetown, VA. As of two weeks ago, the trip was just going to be two days and 184 miles of the C& O Canal and as of this past Thursday it got axed because my riding partner could not get out of work this week. I hope to try again in a couple of weeks, if not it will be April of next year.

So I had taken off from work for the week and the wife is loaded with her work, so we made a deal with group rides and one S24O ( look that up if you need to) or an overnight faskpacking trip.

Back to Powhite! Powhite Park is an urban park in the City Of Richmond located across the street from a Hospital. You have to love that! It is a small park with a network of about 4.5 miles of trails. Look here for a map http://gpstrailsource.com/Maps.aspx?MapID=11Park Map

Metro put the ride on and Monkey, Petrol, David and myself put in a two-hour ride in. The thing I like about Powhite is it has something for everyone. There are hill climbs, rock gardens, a half-pipe, fast single track and the list could go on. Here is a little technical feature
It might not look like much from my sorry picture but this was a big tree and the ramp leading to downhill and a left turn once you cleared the ramp.

Fun was had by all and I hope to get back soon. This is a great place to ride in the city and you can link this ride to the trails down at the river.


Dan O said…
That 300+ mile trip sounds like a cool adventure.

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