Ned Signed it!

That's right! You are looking at the signature of Ned Overend on my 98 Specialized M2 frame. I got him to sign my bike after I finished the 2000 Richmond Xterra. That year I did the Xterra as a mixed team and we placed 4th overall in the team event and 2nd as a mixed team. Back then I used my Bontrager as my training and fun ride bike and the M2 was used for racing.

Since I rebuilt my Bontrager I have not had the desire to build this frame up. The M2 has to be the most rigid bike that I have ever ridden. I have to use a shock seat post to take the edge off. The Bontrager is far easier on my back and it is a fully rigid bike. Now I know why I love steel.

So a couple of months ago I was thinking about putting it up for sale on eBay. So I watched to see what an M2 was going for about a week. Anywhere from $75-$125 for the frame may be a seat post and stem. This was not what I wanted to see. Since I don't see any bikes with a Pro's signature on them I think I could get more, but I don't know. I don't want to give it away! For that price range, I might as well keep it.

So here I am, I want a bike with a front shock and the Judy XC that was on this bike is shot. I could get Hippietech to rebuild the shock but that would cost me about $200 or try to find a good used 80mm fork for the same price. I would also like to try out a single speed and could do it with this bike. I would also like to try out a Titec H-Bar since the price on a JJ bar is crazy.

So give me some feedback. Do I build it back like it was in 98? Rebuild the Judy to keep the 63mm handling or do I sale the frame and the old Judy and take the money to repaint the MB-1? Or do something different with it?


Dan O said…
That's a cool frame, complete with Ned's signature. I don't think that will increase the price though.

You could cruise Criagslist and eBay and probably find a used fork for less then rebuilding the Judy. I've sold decent used forks for $75 or so (probably asked too little).

I don't think bumping the travel to 80mm will totally screw up the handling. Once you set in some sag, should work fine. No?

Setting up the MB-1 would be cool also. The M2 and the MB-1 were cool bikes.
Unknown said…
I got a Mag 21 you could put on that beotch!

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