Catching Up!

Things here at Bikewright land have been very busy since my mountain cross event! Let's see, we had Labor Day, my son passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review, two more Eagle Scout projects for the last two weekends, and my son purchased his first car!

I recovered from the mountain cross event but my bike did not. I managed to bend my WTB SST.K saddle and loosen the axle on the rear wheel. I think this was due to the wheel was a little out of dish. But I am not a wheel expert!

I have been sporting these WTB saddles for about 12 years. They work and I like them. So I guess if the saddle bent after 12 years it's time to get a new one. Just this time I am not going to get a NOS SST saddle off of eBay! I bought three and I bent two of those in under 500 miles. So my LBS hooked me up with one of the WTB Test Ride saddles. I am trying out a Rocket and so far I like it. I think I will give it another week.

A bicycle is truly a simple machine. But for most folks having to work and fix their bike is a challenging task. You would almost think that they were having to work on the Space Shuttle and the best thing to do is let the experts at mission control fix it. I like working on my bike and I can almost take care of anything that needs fixing on the bike. But the one thing I can not do is wheels. So I enlist the help of my friend Dartman. As you can see from the picture payment is on the table. Dartman had to dish and true the wheel which took him no time.


Unknown said…
ah, the wheel-professor at work!
Brian Wright- said…
I would say that he looks smart with the glasses on, but that's just old age!
Dan O said…
I'm in the same boat. Well, I've trued a zillion wheels, but never built one up from scratch. During my bike shop days, someone else built the wheels.

It's not easy changing saddles. My butt is too used to the old school Flite saddles. Picked up my last one on eBay - since it had to be red.

Congratulations on your son's achievements.
Metro said…
Dart may be getting old but he's still the wheel building fool he was as a young pup.

What kind of wheels are you building up?

Brian Wright- said…
The wheel in the picture is a Cane Creek wheel that I got from Dirt. I guest I am a little hard on wheels and this was the first time we had to do anything with the spokes. I am having issue getting the axle tight.

I am going to have Dart build a set of WTB DD wheels with WTB Grease Guard hubs. I found the Hubs NOS in Black. Should look cool on the Bontrager!

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