It was Hot as Hell today!

Let me start off by saying that I misplaced the USB cable for the camera, so it took me a day to find it. Looks as if we are having a heat wave for the next couple of days. Temps today when I started riding was 95 and climbed to 97 by the end of my 2 hour plus ride.

I am lucky to live just out side of Pocahontas State Park and this is my local stomping grounds. The plan was to try an ride all the fire roads and single track trails in the park. Long story short that did not place because of the heat. It has been awhile since I have ridden on this side of the Park so the new signage is a nice addition. You can't see it in the picture, but if you follow the trail to the right that is Gill Fire Road. Gill Fire Road is named after my wife's family.

Next I headed to the Old Mill Bicycle Path, still a fire road. Twelve years ago this was the only bicycle path/trail in the park. From the bike path I started off into the Green / Box Turtle trail on, the Box Turtle trail just past the second bridge you will run into this little bit of fun.
At the end of Box Turtle it will take you into the Blue / Tall Oaks Trail This is my favorite section of the trail. My friend Dartman and myself cut this section of trail and the funny thing is we cut it from the opposite direction than you ride it. But I think we got the flow correct.

By the time I got to Swift Creek Lake Dam I had made my mind up that I was heading for the house

Trail Trash,this is just some of the stuff that I picked up while I was riding. So I guest I was doing my part.


Dan O said…
Nice riding pics. Reminds me a bit of my homeland New Jersey trails.

My current Seattle area trails look a bit different.

The East Coast type woods however, are burned into my DNA.

Nice Bontrager you're riding - pretty cool.
Unknown said…
actually, I think the blue trail has some nice flow backwards as well....

ride on brother!

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