Coffee & Ride

I am a week behind on this ride report, but since I will not be able to ride any this weekend I will relive last weekends ride. I was able to talk my friend G into doing an early morning ride starting out with some coffee. Our start point was the local Starbucks which is just a couple miles from our houses.

Pictured about are our road rides. G is still sporting around on a Marin San Marco out fitted with Campy. I think this is a 1999 model year with a pretty cool euro paint job.Everything on his bike is still original! My bike is a 1996 Trek 5000 OCLV. Last year I updated the wheels and drive train. One of my shifters broke and I went from 8 speed 105 to 10 speed 105. I updated/upgraded my wheels to a set of Mavic Aksium. The wheels are the best money I spent on the bike.

After getting a cup of coffee we set out on the road. Now I have to say that G is one of the best riding partners that I have ridden with on the road. I know what he is doing and where he is riding. I can take a quick look and find me on my wheel. If he is pulling I know I can get close on his wheel and noting crazy is going to happen. We where able to get in about 35 miles before traffic started getting a little heavy.


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