Bikewright Workshop Project-1986 Bridgestone MB-1 || The Starting Point

Having a restoration project seems like it would be a good place as any for me to start a blog. After restoring my 1996 Bontrager Privateer Comp last year it sparked an interest in the restoration of retro bikes. I am about keeping the spirit of the bike than keeping it original. I guess the term would be reinterpreted. Bikes are made for riding and this one will be no different and will not be a garage queen!

1986 MB-1 Bridgestone
1986 MB-1 as found

A gift from my wife for Father's Day, I received the MB-1 as you see it the picture above. A friend of mine bought this MB-1 Bridgestone from a bike shop off of Forest Hill Ave. in Richmond Virginia back in 1986. I didn't know until last year that he even had the bike. The Bridgestone is all original other than the rear 5 speed freehub the rings on the crank, saddle, and tires.

1986 MB-1 Bridgestone
The MB-1 has been ridden in its early years but had in the tool shed for years

Bridgestone is known for having a cult following. Being this is my first Bridgestone, I am looking forward to being part of this following. My blog series will not only be my way to record the process of this restoration, but I hope to inspire others to bring life back into these old rides whether it is all original or reinterpreted.  

Follow the rest of the project at Bikewright Workshop Project-1986 MB-1 | Part 1


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