Temp Post and Updates About the Blog

I have transitioned back home and I am still trying to settle in. Once I have things set up I should be at providing new content shortly. There have been some updates to the blog that you may not have noticed since my last temp post and updates about the blog.


Call it what you want. Tags, pages, and categories are on the side menu. I made some changes to this area the last time and I have made another change in this area. I combined two tags and now am just using Field Journal. I felt this better captured the content and I hope it provides a better user experience. There will be additional changes to the side menu along with some new ones you should see at the start of 2023. 


Since my last update, I updated two older posts that are now more evergreen. I will be going back and deleting some posts and refreshing others to provide better value to the reader. You should see these posts sprinkled between new posts.

While I have not finished. You will find more photographs hosted on Navigate To Your Adventure Flickr account. On the Flickr account, you will find more pictures that didn't make it to the blog. 

Things to come:

I have a few fresh ideas for Navigate to Your Adventure. In the next few months, I am looking forward to providing content that I hope you will find as a resource. This resource will help you plan and get outside for your next adventure. I know it will help me. I am also looking at posting content on my overland/adventure rig project. This will be my take on a vehicle that will get me to the trailhead and will be my base camp for adventure.

This post will be short-lived and will come down when the next new post is ready.

So get out there and Navigate to Your Adventure!


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