Temp Post and Updates About the Blog

It has been a couple of months since I have posted a new blog post. I want to give an update on the status of Navigate to Your Adventure. There has been a lot going on with the blog that you might not have paid attention to. 

One of the biggest changes for me is that I have had to switch over to a mobile office set-up. In the next couple of months, I will be posting to the blog as a digital nomad. This has taken me a bit of time to figure out what I need to make this work. I hope I have gotten it right. I have also updated my mobile photography kit and I want to provide better pictures and video to the blog.

One of my goals is to provide better content. But this needs to start with the content that is currently posted on the blog. What you might not have noticed, is some of the content has been updated. These updates can be anything from adding text to pictures and rewriting.

While I have not finished. You will find more photographs linked to my Flickr account. On the Flickr account, you will find more pictures that didn't make it on the blog. 

At this point Navigate to Your Adventure is still a personal/hobby blog. I have made my share of mistakes building the blog. It takes time to figure out how to do things. It takes even more time to fix mistakes. 

This post will be short-lived and will come down when the next new post is ready.

So get out there and Navigate to Your Adventure!


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