Now I need a Plan "B" for This!

Wrote this post back in 2013 and now there needs to an update. If The Plan "B" Goes Bad There's

Since the time I wrote this post I and been on again and off again on my need of a tracking/messenger service. Just like any type technology or service the bottom line for me is (1) is it really going to help me and after two months am I still going to use it? (2) What is that service going to cost me?

Let's be honest here, nothing I can purchase today that is going to help me when I am out on a road ride and a distracted (messing with a Flippin smartphone) driver hits me. This is were I have to control expectations of what the technology and the services can do for me. It’s not going to stop that distracted driver, but will help get me life saving support in a timely matter.

While conducting my research I found out that the site has been taken down. You cannot log in to your account on the app as well. That got me thinking that maybe there is not a need for such a service and leaving a note or sending a text or an email works just as good. But what I think I liked about the service and the website was the easy of building your plan and the alert that it sent to your contact(s).

Think about your normal work day. You get emails, text messages all day long. But we are so busy we forget about things and without that automated reminder we miss important things. I would hate that an hour after my contact got off work that they remembered that I am three hours overdue and I needed help.

I did find another website that is like and it could be a replacement. There was a small yearly fee of $6.00 for the service. Once you start to add up these different sites and services it adds up to some real money.

So before I pull the trigger on anything, I am going to see if some of the tools (email, sharing links, templates ,etc) I have now will work for me. I believe development of a process that make sense and is not cumbersome will be the goal. Once I figure something out I will post an up date. But I would like to hear what other people do. So please post in the comments section.