Pello Bikes || Kids Bikes Designed in Richmond VA

In the last few years, the Richmond Virginia area has really become a hub for adventure activities such as mountain biking, kayaking, SUP, and the list goes on. What Richmond might not be known for are its bike builders.

One market that is missed is kid’s bikes. All of us that ride as adults know that riding a bike as a kid was our first taste of freedom. We were able to ride to our friend’s house or to a fort at the creek. But I am sure our bikes were heavy and did not fit very well and had crap parts.

Well, a bike company in Richmond Virginia thinks a kid’s bike should not weigh as much as a boat anchor and should have some good parts. Pello Bikes is that company and they are in the last week of their kickstarter project

I don't have kids that are in this size or age range of these bikes but I love the idea and this project could plant the seed of life long love of riding.

I hope getting the word out about Pello Bikes will help them reach their goal. Support this project if you can