New Day Over the James

It has been a while since my last post. It's not from a lack of things to share. It has been a lack of time and the lack of motivation to post those things. After setting the clocks back I figured it was time to move forward to take the time to get out there and do the things I love and share with those that visit the blog.

The image above was what I captured on my way across the James River in the heart of downtown Richmond. I had just made my mind up just a couple of days earlier that I am going to do another GORUCK. But this time it would be a GORUCK Light. Why not a Challenge? One I want to get the light patch and two I want others to do it with me. It is easier to get folks to do a Light than a Challenge.

Once I got to work I was able to get a couple of co-workers to commit to doing the Light with me. So once a week we will go out for a ruck for an hour. I hope to be able to share those images with you.