Overlanding and other Cool Vehicles

After selling my 1990 Ranger Rover and a 1998 Discovery I still find myself checking out the expedition and Overlanding sites. It just seems that the more different or weird things are the more I like them. I guess the more different and weird would be that we as American's just do not see these vehicles every day.

I think a lot of times we wish we could be like the people that we see on these sites. Saved up the money or working on the road to enjoy the lifestyle of travel and adventure. I wish I could do that... Hold on just a minute. I have traveled and I do adventurous stuff.

So I share with you some of those fun and cool vehicles. I hope they spark the spirit of adventure with you.

Land Rover-Defender: Background WWII Monument, Dushanbe Tajikistan

Mercedes Benz 930: Hotel parking lot waiting for repairs and visa paperwork. A German couple drove this truck from Afghanistan to Tajikistan and were waiting on a visa to enter Uzbekistan. There is no way in hell you would ever catch me Overlanding in a combat zone!

The decal on the side of the door of the 930

The Russian Urals with sidecar. I don't know what the trucks are in the background. I guess with the gloss paint these were for show. They did not have the gas to use them.

Russian Jeep, UAZ 469

Swiss Army Pinzgauer: Northern Virginia, yes that is a different place than the rest of Virginia...

I want one of these!

Okay, I saved the classic for last. I believe this guy nailed it. I think he did a really great job keeping the spirit of the classic Ford Bronco but upgrading some features.

That's it for now...


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