What's Happening!

What's Happening! It's been about a month since the last time a made a blog post and well I guess I due.

For the last couple of months I have been parting out my road bike on one of the auction sites and I have been turning that money to buy more bike stuff. I hope to have a review on one of my purchases the Panaracer Cinder X CX tire. So far I am happy with the tire and it is a faster ride than the Maxxis that I had on the bike.

Also, hope to be sharing some bike stuff that I got for the MB-1. I have been doing some work on the MB and should be making another MB-1 Project update. All I will tell you now there has been a lot of cleaning going on. That does not mean the bike is almost done. How about just the wheels...

Got to have a picture for a blog post... I have been battling to paint the frame or keep it patina. It just seems to me if you are going to put the time and effort into it you just might as well paint it.

Back in May, I had to take a trip to Des Moines IA for about 9 days. First, let me say the place is clean. Yes, there was some trash but compared to most places I have been or even where I live this place was clean! The other thing I found interesting that it has a good cycling community and bike lanes and paths. This was a surprise to me. I am thinking of the corn belt with miles between towns.

So one afternoon I want to get out and see what a Bicycling shop in Des Moines is like. So I do a quick search on the web and found this shop. The site is not up and running but I figure what do I have to lose with such a cool picture. Beaverdale Bicycles is in the little town of Beaverdale and it is a cool commuter shop. That's what I call it. The owner also has a tee-shirt print business and has some cool shirts. The co-worker that was with me bought two shirts and he doesn't even ride. With a shop that has a tee-shirt with "I love Beaver," you have to check it out. So go over to their Facebook Page.

I also have been following I just love see some of the bikes that come into his shop. Some nice old school stuff. If that shop was in my neck of the woods you would know were to find me.

That's it for now. Hope to keep things more up-to-date. Now get out and ride!


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