Night Hike

Friday was cold and windy with gusts up to 30mph. No fun being on a bike. So I was up for a change and figured it was a good night for a night hike. Everything changes at night. The same old trails that I always travel on take on a different life.

Just happen to have a set of PVS-14 NVG's with me so I figured I would take them with me to play (train) around with and take some pictures with them for fun.

The result: This shot was taken on Fire Trail Clark looking west

and this one was looking east

78% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated but the sky was overcast.

I also took a shot of the backlighting of the Foretrex 401. I am not sure I care for the amber light. The 201 has green backlighting which I think is better for reading at night.

All of the above pictures are taken only with natural light (or lack of). I had a Petzl Tikka headlamp. With only 29 lumens is light is good for seeing things good around 5ft. Anything past that it looks like you are looking into a fog. I think I am going to have to look for light around 60 lumens or better.

Maybe I will get out another night soon.


Mission said…
Pretty cool stuff. Let me know next time your heading out.

I really like my Tikka Plus for night trail running. It isn't super bright, but you get used to the output quickly. I would like something rechargeable though.