Bikewright Workshop Project- 1986 Bridgestone MB-1 || Wheel Action

The parts that I ordered from Loose Screws came in over the weekend. This was the first time that I had placed an order with them and I was very pleased with the service.

I went this route for parts because I am fed up with going to a store and they do not have the item or cannot order the item for you. I think I made this rant on another post...

If you go back to this post, you can see how nasty this wheel was. It looks like bar oil for a chain saw was used on this drive train. One of the things that I have learned working on project bikes, is that you have to take everything apart and clean it before you know if you have crap or not. Most of the time the grease and oil cleans right-up and you still have parts that are in great shape.

One of the first issues that I had to work with was the Schrader hole that had been drilled in the Araya RM-20 rim. The rim was a presta that had been drilled out for a Schrader tube. My friend said he did that because it was easier to get Schrader tubes back-in-the-day! I guess it is just me, but Schrader tubes just yell out department store bike to me. So I fix that problem I ordered a presta valve rim grommet.



Next was replacing all the bearings that fell out of the freewheel. I ordered a bag of 100 bearings and I used 73. I think I should have used 75 bearings but maybe the amount of grease I used I could not fit anymore on the race.

I used a Teflon based grease that I have found to work well and takes a long time to breakdown. Rubber rim tape is what I took-off the rims and I replaced it with 22mm Velox rim tape. Velox is the only rim tape I will use.

Next week I will take the wheels to the LBS or see if Dartman has time to true the wheels.


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