To Keep or Not to Keep, That is the Question

When I posted this I figured that I was going to sell the pedals. Well, I sat down the other night and took the pedals apart to see what was going on with them. One pedal was good and just needed some cleaning. The other both bearings had rusted.

I had to make a trip to the LBS and they were able to hook me up with a new set. I figured a shop that has been around for 100 years would have them in stock!

The photo shows all the parts and the bad bearings. Since they are as good as new, I think I will hold on to them a little longer. Who knows when you might need a flat pedal...


Dan O said…
I sold a pair of like new Suntour XC Pro pedals on eBay last year. I hung on to 'em forever, then realized I'm never go back to clips 'n' straps.

I got a decent amount of dough for 'em - people do still want 'em.

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