This is what you do with old broken spokes

That's right, make flags so the yard crew do not run over the sprinkler heads.But that is not what this post is about. I had to take the cross bike down to the LBS to do some adjustments to the new bike for me. Got a call from the shop to tell me that something was wrong with the shifter and that Sram was sending a new one for replacement. Great! Another couple of days before I get to ride it!!!

Want to thank Rowlett's for checking out the problem and getting the warranty taken care of for me!

I guess I will be watching the cross races in Richmond from the sidelines this weekend!


Dan O said…
Looking forward to seeing that new 'cross bike built and dirty from use.

Good use for broken spokes.

The most wacky (and dangerous) use of old spokes I've witnessed:

Back in my dirt motorcycle days (late '70s), visited a pal who worked in a motorcycle shop as a mechanic.

They creates a blow gun device that shot sharpened spokes with a compressor, which they demo'd for me. Went through a garage door like butter. Yikes. Don't try this at home.
What a cool idea! Now when I pick them up out of the yard I still have something I can do with them...