Last Weekends Road Ride-A History Lesson

Just getting around to posting a couple of pictures from last weeks training ride. Looking at the pictures you would think that I am riding in some far off rural area but I am only 12-15 minutes, if that from every store that you would want to go to.

Another 15 minutes riding would put me out of the county. I think know matter where you ride in Virginia you get a history lesson. Let class begin!

Winterpock Va. is area in the western part of the county and Winterpock and Clover Hill is area where coal was found in the late 1830's. Winterpock was the name that was giving to the mining community. Here is a picture of an old country store.

The Winterpock Grocery

Just across from the store was a sign for Lee's Retreat. Yep, The route of Lee's retreat from Petersburg to Appomattox Virginia where the Civil War ended.

Click here to learn more about Lee's Retreat

Next up is Eppington Plantation. I pass the road to this plantation about three days a week for the last 9 years. So this day I plan to check it out. One thing I could not believe is that there is a dirt road in Chesterfield County that is over 2 1/2 miles long.That was cool! Then to see this old plantation home.

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That's it boys & girls the lesson is over. Stay tune for my Father's Day ride


Dan O said…
Nice shots of your area. Reminds me of my home stated of New Jersey - lots of wooded areas with history involved.
Recumbent bike said…
a nice photo of old country store.

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