A Nightout

Got up today to a nice 8" or so of snow. It has been years since we have had this much snow before Christmas. I took my little one out twice to play in it. We both had a great time.

There was a post on the local forum about a snow ride but I went for the snowshoes. Since the park was still closed for hunting I told my wife that I would go for a night hike and that should not be an issue.

I have had a pair of snowshoes for several years but only get to bring them out only once or twice a year. When I went to put them on tonight something was not looking right with the left shoe. Part of the rubber that goes around my boot had broke. I did not let that stop me.

About 40 minutes into this hike I had a problem. The rubber broke in two places.

I had to take the left shoe off and walk back with only the right snowshoe. This was like having one leg shorter than the other. Still, after having an equipment issue this was a great hike with light snow.


Dan O said…
Night snowshoe hike - interesting.

I hear the East Coast got socked with snow. My parents in South Jersey said about 2 feet.

Look likes you'll get the chance to drag out the snowshoes some more - no?
We got about 8" here and 1 1/2 maybe 2 hours drive got 18".

Best time to get out around my house is at night, so why not a night snowshoe hike. I would rather do that than be on a night patrol!

Looks like the snowshoes are out until I can get them replaced.

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