Watching the riders

I took off this past Thursday for a little vacation time with the family. This morning when I got up I saw from the condo window that a Triathlon was getting ready to start. I figured I would go out and watch & cheer on the riders.

The event was the Tigershark Sprint Triathlon #3 held at Frank Rendon Park, Daytona Beach FL. I was able to find a great spot just outside of the parking lot on the road to watch.

Now I have raced a couple of triathlons and Du's in my day and I did a Du this past March.So I have room to talk. Just like any event you will see people on all kinds of bikes. There where Litespeeds, Cervelo, C-dale,Specialized & Softride to name a few.One of the funny things I saw, well make that two. There where two riders that had put their helmet on backwards. I don't think this was a new way to wear them but I guest they where in such a hurry to get out of the transition area, they had put them on bakwards.
One of the other things I saw was poor bike fit. Now I know you ride in a different position when you are riding aerobars, but how people where pushing gears looked painful. It didn't matter if it was a $1,100 bike or $2,500 bike. Bike fit would have done most of the riders a world of good. I did see a guy with a no name bike with downtube shifters and toe-clips kicking it. I would say he was in the top 1/3 of the field.

I wished I could have taken some pictures to share with you!I guest the important thing was that they got out there and did it and they had fun. I guest I got my bike fix into.