Time To Get Dirty

Well it's time to get a little dirty. No, I am going to get dirty with this drive train. I have know idea what type of chain lube that was used on this bike. But there must be a pound of dirt on the rear D, chain and crank. One thing that is a plus, it comes off real easy.

The cable housing for the rear D is some type of spring. I have never seen this before. This one is damaged. The jockey pulleys have seen better days, but I will have to see what I got after a good cleaning.
On to the cranks! This was a little different. I had to use a screwdriver to take the dust cap off. The dust cap has slit in the face that you stick the tip of a flat head screwdriver in. Behind the dust cap was a nut that I used a socket to get of the spindle. The rings on the crank are big... The small ring is a 28 and the large is a 50.

As I was taking the cranks off the BB, the BB locked up. I figure that I was going to have a hard time with the BB. At first I could not figure how to get the BB out. I was thinking that I would have to make a trip to the LBS and buy a special BB tool. But then I remembered that a friend gave me two pin spanners years ago. I guest I am a bit of a pack rat. But I was lucky to have the right one.This was the first time that I ever used them.

After getting one of the cones out and the spindle I could see that some water had made it's way into the BB. The grease is a nice brown. I will totally take the cone apart and degrease and repack it. The spindle must weight a pound. I don't think a sealed BB weights this much!

Just from the couple of post that I have put up, you can tell that I have a few issues with the bike. None that are show stoppers.

The other night I was reading an article on Grant Peterson, that was originally published in the California Bicyclist and was posted on the adventurecorps.com website. GP said " I think parts should be repairable and there should be interchangeability. People should not be encouraged to throw a part and replace it with a whole new one in the name of helping the economy".

I sure hope that I find that is true with this bike!


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