One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure

I hope you are as luck as I am to have a recycle bicycle shop near you. I figured I would drop in to see if I could find some brake-caliper cable adjusting barrels for one my Dia Compe break levers. After about an hour I came out with the following. Two barrel adjusters (Almost the same, but wrong size), one side Sun Tour XC brake, one side Sun Tour XC roller cam brake, one rightside Sram 800 shifter, and one set of WTB brakes.

Other than the barrel adjusters, everything I got is just pieces. But that's ok! All that for $10.50. I might never do anything with the stuff, but where can you go and have fun for an hour for $10.50 ? Now I can start to built a spare parts box. Just a little cleaning and most of the stuff will look like new!

I still have the issue of finding the right size adjusting barrel. I think the adjusting barrels I found are 17mm and the are about 2mm to big. I found online that the adjusting barrels are about $19.00 plus shipping. So I will just hang-on two what I found.

I still need to do some more research to find out what type of brake levers I have. I guest one of two things will happen. One I will find the adjusting barrels or two I will have to


Dan O said…
I have a set of those WTB brakes on my Fat Chance Yo Eddy. They work pretty well.

I bought 'em new years ago for a cyclo-cross bike, but they didn't fit correctly. Stored 'em for years, then mounted on the Yo after I "retired" it from active dirt duty. Pulled off the suspension fork, reinstalled the rigid Yo Eddy fork, yanked off the XT brakes and installed the WTB units. They look cool and are period correct.

Have fun messing around with the old bikes....

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