The Making of a Cycling Cap

I have been searching the web for cycling caps and found a few sites where people where making custom cycling caps. It seems this comes from the urban velo type of rider and that's cool. A lot of the caps are made from recycled material.

I have a Team Army cycling kit but I do not have a team/club cap. So I have been thinking about what could I do. Just my luck that the Velcro on my ACU top is unserviceable. That's an Army term...So I was thinking it would be cool to make a custom cycling cap out of my ACU top. There's that recycling material thing.

Here's a picture of the top after getting washed. There are a lot of Velcro and pockets on this top. Let's see how much usable material that I can get out of this top.

The above picture shows the amount of material I could get out of the top. Not bad, this should work. Next, I found a pattern for a four-panel cycling cap online. I had to make some adjustments to the size of the pattern after printing it off. In all this took about 2 hours. Next, I had to cut the patterns out of the material. The side panels ate-up the bulk of my material. I was able to get 8 panels to make 2 caps and 8 sets of visors. I hoped I would have been able to make 3 caps out of this top, oh well. Here's a picture of all the panels.

I have enlisted my mom to sew the panels together for me. We are waiting for parts to come in for her sewing machine. This should take a few days. I hope to have the finished product by the end of next week