Bikewright Workshop Project-1986 Bridgestone MB-1 Restoration || Part 1

Just like remodeling a house there is a demo day. The restoration process starts with disassembly and  I start off by taking the accessories off such as the water bottle cages, frame pump, and a rear rack. Each item has to be inspected for damage to see if it can be reused as-is or if I can fix it or if a replacement needs to be sourced.

The bottle cages on the bike are not matching and one has seen better days. So they will be replaced with stainless steel King Cages. The Zefal HP frame pump has an interesting arc to it. The pump still works after 23 years! I called my friend to ask him did he happen to remember why the pump had an arc in it.  He told me the pump was used as a defensive asset when he was attacked by a dog while riding.  I am going to call the pump as a loss and either going to have to find one or go with another brand or go without. 

While the Vetta rack looks good overall it has a slight bend in it. All the mounting hardware on the rack is rusted and will either have to be cleaned up or just replaced. Since Vetta no longer makes bicycle racks I am going to try to fix the issues with the rack.


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