It's on the stand !

This afternoon I had sometime to start taking the bike apart. The Vetta SL saddle is shot. The right seat rail was bent and there was rust on the rails. The seatpost is a Kalloy 26.6 and is marked-up a bit.
The rear wheel has a Shimano MF-Z012 5 speed 14X28 freewheel which was an surprise to me. I knew that this was the second freewheel on the bike, but I was thinking it was a Suntour freewheel. I did a little research on the web and found out that I will be able to source these. The Suntour freewheels are a little harder to find.
I did a little cleaning on the front and rear D and could not find a name on them. I guest I will have to search those too. Also found out that the barrel adjuster on the right brake is broken.


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